Pre-Construction Appraisal

Is your home in dire need of a renovation? Or are you wondering if you should just scrap it all and start over by building the house of your dreams? There are so many questions and much uncertainty involved in the process of deciding which way to go. Luckily, with a pre-construction appraisal from Divorce Home Appraisals, we make sure contractors, banks, lenders, and homeowners have the information needed to answer all their questions.

Many mortgage lenders also now require a pre-construction appraisal with any new construction home before approving a loan. This ensures the property is worth the amount of the loan and that the lender will recap its money. Most, if not all homes built with the aid of construction financing in today’s market require a pre-construction appraisal. The appraised value should reflect what the property would be worth if it existed already and was built as planned.

Over the years, Divorce Home Appraisals has distinguished itself as one of Atlanta’s premier providers of pre-construction appraisals for residential building construction, and we’re acutely aware of the detail, skill, and attention necessary to properly value these type of properties. We also ensure complete discretion and are sensitive to the needs and privacy of those who plan on residing in these homes. Divorce Home Appraisals is more than happy to explain the appraisal process up front, as well as personally speak with your builder.  When the report is finished, we’ll also go over it with you to answer any questions you might have.

Contractors, builders, banks, and lenders in the Atlanta area have come to rely on our appraisal services to provide them with the answers they seek. We welcome the opportunity of working with you as well. Give Divorce Home Appraisals a call today at (678) 791-4849. We have the experience and qualifications to meet all your appraisal needs.